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Nature and Geography

Views ranging from plains to mountains with wide hills, covered with vineyards, gardens, large wooded areas, rivers creating waterfalls, an outburst of colours and sounds. An exceptionally flora and fauna gifted area, surrounded by breath-taking views. 

History, Traditions and Culture

The area with the highest concentration of Nuragic archaeological sites in Sardinia, evidence of its ancient history. A past reviving in the centuries-old traditions, in the customs, in the agricultural livestock farms activities, in the artisan’s expertise. A thousand years old culture to experience first-hand, diving into a new experience with an old flavor.

Where and What

Marghine is an historic region belonging to the Province of Nuoro. Made of little villages with their ancient essence and traditions. A journey into the heart of the island, its cultural and geographical centre, connecting point between north and south, east and west. The ancestral soul of the Sardinian people. 

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